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Resin Pyramid with LapisLázuli

Resin Pyramid with LapisLázuli

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Resin Pyramid with LapisLázuli

Small size: 3x3 cm and 25 gr.

Medium size: 5x5cm and 55 gr.

Origin: India


Open the third eye and balances the throat farm. It is a stone that helpsquickly release stress, contributing a deep peace. It has enormous serenity and brings the key to spiritual realization.

Is aprotective stonethat contacts guard spirits. Recognize the attack, blocking it and returning it to its origin. Harmonize physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, providing deep internal knowledge when they are balanced. It is a powerful amplifier of thought, provides clarity and objectivity. It encourages creativity.

It is a gem capable of attracting good luck, prosperity, wealth and abundance.


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