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ISIS PENDULO 9 BRONCE BRONZE 100% with witness

Approximate piece size: 7.5x1cm

Approximate weight: 40gr

Uses and properties

Egyptian pendulum In honor of the goddess Isis, her form reminds the cross of life. Its radietesic vibration is emitted by the tip and is reinforced by discumulators in disk called batteries. The greater the amount of batteries greater issuance capacity.

Emits the White radietesic color, which is a very beneficial and positive vibration for the human organism and are pendulos multipurpose Very safe in the hands of debutants. It is the pendulum Ideal for the apprentice who wants to start in the world of donkeys.

It also has a Highway effect which prevents the transmission of any negative energy to the radiesist. It is ideal for regenerating energies.

As the color emitted by this pendulum is white, which contains all colors, you can imagine another color and mentally ask for a specific tone. This pendulum is excellent for the healers who They work on chakras. Simply turn the pendulum in the direction of the clock or anti-Horary needles to add or remove energy from a particular chakra.

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