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Sri Yantra pendant with turquenite

Sri Yantra pendant with turquenite

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Sri Yantra pendant with turquenite

Material: Silver Bathroom

Approximate piece size: 5cm

Approximate weight per piece: 10gr.


In the Tantra a large number of Yrastas are used, among which are their most famous: the Sri Yantra.

A Yantra is a Visual mantra which is composed of several geometric figures combined with each other that interact detaching a very powerful energy.

In the design of the Yrastas, those numbers that are more powerful and that have a powerful meaning for Hindu astrology and numerology are considered.

The Sri Yantra is formed by 9 juxtaposed triangles that in turn originate 43 triangles More smalls. Four of them are spatially oriented up, representing the cosmic male energy or Ivá; The remaining 5 are oriented down, to represent the Akti female cosmic force. The triangles are sometimes surrounded by a lotus with 8 petals that symbolizes Vishnú.

Turquenite is a stone extremely relaxing. Put under the pillow is an excellent antidote for insomnia, especially when caused by a hyperactive mind.

Turquenite links with spiritual dimensions, opening to tune and preparing the mind to receive wisdom and understandings. Assist on trips outside the body and helps access past lives.

Favors thecommunication with others

Turquenite comes from the staining of magnesite and white Howlita.

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