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Silver power wand with gems of the 7 chakras

Silver power wand with gems of the 7 chakras

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Silver power wand with gems of the 7 chakras and tip / quartz ball

Wand size: 12 cm.

Size of the 7 chacras cabujones: 4mm

Weight: 26 gr


Power wands or canes are objects that come from antiquity associated with esoteric activities.

In Celtic culture they were used by magicians and druids to concentrate the magnetic vibrations of the Earth and direct them where to be desired.

In Tibet, healing canes are used by lamps to enhance the third eye and cure diseases.

The power of power serves to concentrate the energies of the universe, attract what we need, heal, harmonize and obtain abundance.They can also be used to perform magic and spells.

They can be hung in a visible place of the house or business for Attract protection and blessings.

The wand concentrates our energy, that of the earth and that of the air that surrounds us and directs it towards the place we want, amplifying it.

It can be used to cure people, animals and plants, to decontaminate air, water and areas with electromagnetic radiation.

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