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SAVIA SAHUMERIO - Tied incense

SAVIA SAHUMERIO - Tied incense

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SAVIA SAHUMERIO (Salvia officinalis) - Incense tied

Approximate Sahumerian size: 3x16/18cm

Approximate weight: 30 gr

Origin: Turkey


It is a natural incense composed of dry sage tied. Salvia is an extremely powerful plant, with magical properties capable of protecting and purifying our home from bad energies.

It is used to do personal cleaning of the aura, etheric cleaning of our spaces and to clean and purify our gems without damaging them.

Salvia is also a natural sedative, capable of calming the nervous system and helping us control anxiety.

Main situations where it is recommended to burn a savia sahumerium:

  • Before a new beginning: be it a move, a new job or a new business.
  • After having had contact with a person full of negative or sick energy.
  • Before meditating.
  • After a period of convalescence as a disease.
  • After a discussion.
  • Before and after a therapy session.
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