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Jaspe Crocodile flat shot

Jaspe Crocodile flat shot

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Jaspe Crocodile flat shot

Approximate piece size: 4x3x0.6cm

Approximate weight: 35-55gr


The crocodile jaspe Help start new businesses, relationships or projects, since it is beneficial to eliminate mental obstacles that threaten your progress with doubt.

This Jaspe also serves to root the natural world. It has a soothing and harmonizing effect and us It helps overcome our fears. It is a potentator of creativity and productivity. Improve our immune system.

It improves our energy blockages and makes energy flow freely. His energy is soothing, nutritious and comforting, the crocodrilo jaspe helps us restore balance and order in our lives.

Associated with the heart chakra, we Help free emotions. Also associated with the scorpio zodiac sign

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