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Slide Plane of Qua Aqua Aura Titanio

Slide Plane of Qua Aqua Aura Titanio

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Slide Plane of Qua Aqua Aura Titanio

Approximate piece size: 3`5 x 3 x 0.6cm

Approximate weight: 10-20 gr

Being natural minerals, the pieces that will be delivered will be similar to those of photography, being able to vary slightly in color, drawing and shape.


These are natural quartz treated with noble metals to give them a striking appearance and amplify their properties.

It encourages peace, communication and expression. It provides protection and is used to clean and heal the aura, as well as for meditation this is because they have aPowerful protective energy vibration.

Strengthens the thymus and the immune system.

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All our pieces are made with 100% natural minerals selected carefully in order to always offer the highest quality and conserve all its energy properties.