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Yellow calcite flat shot

Yellow calcite flat shot

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Yellow calcite flat shot

Approximate size: 5x3 cm

Approximate weight: 35-55gr.

Origin: Morocco


Yellow calcite is very useful for Clean, purify and amplify The energies of the environment. It is recommended to put a calcite stone in the home place where the family spends more time gathered. It also helps us to circulate the energy that is stagnant within ourselves. Protects from energies that can be destabilizing And it helps maintain our energy reserve always full.

Emotional is used to overcome shyness, Increase trust in us same and improve self -esteem. It also provides emotional stability, helps improve emotional intelligence and release tensions, is a stone that provides serenity and calm.

At the spiritual level, it helps to meditate better, inducing its bearer to a state of deep relaxation and spiritual openness, is used to improve psychic abilities and achieve superior consciousness.

On a psychic level, the yellow calcite Improves memoryIt helps retain what has been learned and enhances mental abilities. It is highly advisable to put a calcite in our place of study.

The yellow calcite encloses the energy of the sun inside and resonates with the solar plexus chakra and the crown chakra.

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