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Cornaline flat roller

Cornaline flat roller

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Approximate piece size: 4x3x0.6cm

Approximate weight: 35gr

Origin: Brazil

Being natural minerals, the pieces that will be delivered will be similar to those of photography, being able to vary slightly in color and shape.


Carneola, also known as a cornaline, is a variety of extremely bright orange and reddish colors.

Due to its volcanic origin, it is a mineral of Very powerful energy, used many times to Clean and energize other minerals, placing them on or close to it.

Despite this, he is capable of attract harmony, tranquility and peace Around it, so it is usually placed in those homes where there is a hostile climate and is often discussed.

Like almost all red minerals isrevitalizing, able to grant energy and motivation to who takes it. Especially recommended for those people who are fatigued, tired or faults of vitality.

Considered THE STONE OF THE CORAGE, since it is able to infuse courage to those who carry it, especially useful for overcome fears, especially those related to death and overcome the obstacles that are brought between us and our goals. Help achieve the business success.

On the emotional plane, meat is a powerful Protector against jealousy, grudge and envy of others. It is also one Healing stone, that Relieve depression and anxiety And it helps us to have a Repairing dream, forgetting the nightmares.

It is one of the most used gems to attract good fortune, especially in the plane of justice and litigation.

It is related to the Base chakra and the sacrum. Especially beneficial for zodiac signs Leo, Taurus, Cancer and Scorpio.

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All our pieces are made with 100% natural minerals selected carefully in order to always offer the highest quality and conserve all its energy properties.