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Sodalite shot

Sodalite shot

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Sodalite shot

Approximate piece size

Small 1x1x1.5cm

Medium 1.5x1.5x2cm

Large 3x3x2cm

Approximate weight:

Small 5 to 10grs

Medium -sized 15 to 20g

Big 40 to 60grs


It is one of the most important stones of the third eye chakra and the throat chakra.

It is a relaxing gem that gives us balance and tranquility. Decreases tension, anxiety and panic attacks.

It helps us to communicate better. Very used by speakers, opponents, teachers and students.It is ideal to carry a sodalite on the time of important exams or interviews.

Stimulates the mind, orders confused thoughts and helps us concentration. It brings clarity of thought and expands from consciousness.

It is the writer's talisman for improving creativity and inspiration.

Combat insomnia. It provides emotional balance, enhances self -esteem, self -acceptance and self -confidence.

Help rational thinking, ideal for hypersensitive, emotional and impulsive people.

Block and eliminate electromagnetic pollution. Very beneficial for people sensitive to the "sick building syndrome" or electromagnetic effect.

It helps to meditate freeing us from old spiritual schemes and dogmas.

Wake up the healing mechanisms that we all have.

Indispensable for women in menopause, regulates metabolism and lowers high pressure.

Called "stone of asepsis", disinfects the organism and prevents diseases. Strengthens the lymphatic system.

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