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Nevada Obsidian

Nevada Obsidian

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Surrounded by Nevada or Obsidian Obsidian snowflake

Approximate piece size

Small 1x1x1.5cm

Medium 2x1.5x2cm

Large 4x3x2cm

Approximate weight:

Small 5 to 10grs

Medium -sized 15 to 20g

Big 40 to 60grs


It is the stone of balance and strength. Take light blocks, traumas and frustrations to laterheal them, release or integrate them.

Repel the negative energies,Block psychic attacksand remove negative influences.

Helps control the states ofnervousnessYsudden anxiety.

It stimulates self -awareness, awakening the vision of truth and inner knowledge.

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Unique pieces

All our pieces are made with 100% natural minerals selected carefully in order to always offer the highest quality and conserve all its energy properties.