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Tigre eye chip bracelet

Tigre eye chip bracelet

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Tigre eye chip bracelet

Approximate length: 18 cm

Weight: 16 gr

Origin: Brazil


Tigre's eye is one of themore powerful protective gems that exist. It is a brown quartz of golden reflexes that has an optical effect known as "chatoyance", this effect makes when the gem moves from one place to another, reflects the light as if it were a cat's eye.

Also known as the name of"Piedra de la Libertad"for being owned by the energy of the earth and the sun together. This semi -precious stone is capable ofattract successTowards your life.

It attracts good luck, wealth and prosperity.AlsoProtects from Eye Eyeand of all kinds of dangers, moving away negative energies.

Emotionally it is a quartz thatImprove the mood and increase self -esteem, also balances, grantscreativity, and improves the strength and will of the one who carries it. Help toRelieve anxiety and overcome fears.

Helps reach theKundalini.

Tigre's eye resonates withBase chakras and solar plexus.It is especially related to the signs of the zodiac ofLeo, Virgo and Gemini.

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