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Halcon eye bracelet Lisa

Halcon eye bracelet Lisa

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Halcon eye bracelet Lisa

Small size: 4mm and 8 gr.

Medium size: 6mm and 18 gr.

Large size: 8 mm and 25 gr.

Approximate length: 16cm

Origin: Brazil

The hawk eye is a quartz of bluish, black and grayish tones, which has an optical effect called "cat eye." Very similar to the eye of Tigre but presents bluish shades instead of yellowish.


The hawk eye calms nervousness. Increase lto intuition and our psychic gifts, since it opens and stimulates the chakra of the third eye. It is also ideal to balance, heal and open the base chakra.Eliminate emotional blocks.

It is a powerful protective amulet against curses and bad wills. It helps protect yourself from the negative energy of others.

We are facing a useful shamanic stone for astral or spiritual trips.

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