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Labradorita Ball bracelet

Labradorita Ball bracelet

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Labradorita Ball bracelet

Available ball size: 4, 6 and 8 mm.

Origin: Madagascar

Approximate length bracelet: 16-17cm

Approximate length of small / child size: 14 cm.

Being natural gems each bracelet is unique in color and hue, the labradorite can vary between green, gray and bluish colors.


The labradorita is a gem that has an optical effect known as labradorescence, which makes the light reflect on its surface giving it precious lines, green, blue, bluish and silver.

The Labradorita is a stone Very protective. A Labradorita bracelet isable to neutralize and divert negative energies that surround us and create an impenetrable barrier that saves us with dangers and misfortunes.

The energy properties of the farmer are extensive. It is one of the most mystical minerals that exist, capable of moving to other lives and transporting us to other worlds. This gem makes our intuition improve and awaken hidden psychic gifts and asleep we can have. Us Grow spiritually and guides us in times of change, so it is known as "The gem of the transformation."

Psychologically and emotionally helps Relieve hyperactive minds, end with our most deep insecurities and fears. Improves imagination and creativity. Also Relieve stress and eliminate anxiety.

At the physical level is a stone that balances Hormonally and metabolically, helps us get rid of physical tension and is able to reduce blood pressure. It also helps in problems related to digestion and the brain.

The Labradorita opens and balances the Heart chakra.

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