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Combined amber children's bracelet

Combined amber children's bracelet

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Chip type bracelet of combined amber

Approximate length: 7 cm

Origin: Baltic Sea Poland

Amber is natural, from the Baltic Sea. Attention: Do not leave the baby or the child with the bracelet put without supervision of an adult to avoid drowning.


The Pinos Resin contains a substance called succinic acid that is a natural analgesic that helps in that process of protection and healing of the tree.

Amber is the substance that generates the tree to heal and protect. With the passage of millions of years, that resin fossilized becoming amber and that is where the analgesic power of amber proceeds.

Succinic acid in contact with our body is absorbed and helps us relieve pain and inflammation.

It is a powerful healer and cleaned that moves away the diseases of the body. It is used to help with the inflammation suffered by the baby in the first dentition.

It absorbs negative energies and transmutes them into positive forces that stimulate body automation.


Always watch the child when you are using the collar or amber bracelet.


  • If the child is very small, it is better for the necklace to be used around the wrist or ankle and not around the neck.

  • Remove the necklace or the bracelet when the child is not guarded, even for a short period of time.
  • The collar or amber bracelet should not be used while the child is sleeping, whether night or day.

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