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Black Turmalina Ball Slishes Lisa

Black Turmalina Ball Slishes Lisa

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Black Turmalina Ball Slishes Lisa

Small size: 4mm balls

Medium size: 6mm balls

Large size: 8mm balls

Approximate length: 16-18 cm

Approximate length of small / child size: 13-14 cm.

Origin: Brazil


Is aboutThe most protective, powerful and magical gem that exists.

Create a strong protective field around the person or the place you want to protect.It absorbs the negativity not only of foreign people, but of the individual who possesses it.

It protects us from radiation, electromagnetic fields, psychic, emotional and spiritual attacks.

Able to eliminate negative energies and transmute them in positive.

Combat the evil eye, jealousy and envy.

Repel fatal situations and create clean and healthy environments.
Stress, fear and anguish cut off the root.

Place a black turmaline in chorlo in each corner of your house forming a protective barrier. You can also place one on each side of the main door.

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