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Obsidian and amethyst bracelet - Protection and antiestrés

Obsidian and amethyst bracelet - Protection and antiestrés

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Obsidian and amethyst bracelet - Protection and antiestrés

Origin: Brazil


Gems that includes the bracelet:

Black Obsidian

It isThe most powerful gem in the world. Being vitrified lava contains within itself the fire, water and earth elements.

Generates a protective shieldwhich allows to dissipate negative energies of the environment.

It has a revitalizing effect, it helps us against obsession, helps change belief, behavior and communication patterns.

Effective treating depressions, anxiety, fears, guilt and anguish.

It allows us to understand the truth, however, its energy is so intense, that it should be used only if you are prepared to accept the inner truth. It is best to combine it with green quartz to balance it.


The properties of the amethyst are tremendously abundant and is considered as aMaster crystal, it is highly protective and very powerful.

The amethyst isTHE BEST NATURAL QUALING. It helps block negative environmental energies.

At the healing level it is ideal to relieve the pain of physical, emotional and psychological tensions, blocking stress and fighting insomnia.

It is one of the most versatile stones that exist, since it is used for very different applications: it enhances the immune system, it is an excellent blood cleaner, relieves and Reduces the frequency of headache Produced by Jaquecas or migraines.

Reduce stressThanks to its influence on the nervous system, it helps stabilize hormonal levels and improve mood.

Connect the physical, mental and emotional bodies by connecting them with the spiritual. Clean the aura and transmute the negative energy in positive. Balance and open the chakras of the third eye and the crown.

The amethyst emits a violet light that is capable of sending a vibration of calm and tranquility, opening and enhancing superior consciousness.

As a lunar stone that is to clean and recharge in the light of the full moon.

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