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Seven chakras bracelet with ónix

Seven chakras bracelet with ónix

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Seven chakras bracelet with ónix Bola Lisa

Small size: 4mm and 8 gr.

Medium size: 6mm and 18 gr.

Large size: 8 mm and 25 gr.

Approximate length: 16cm

Uses and properties

This bracelet serves to open, balance and heal the seven chakras.

What are the chakras?

The chakras are 7 energy centers that are located in different parts of the human body. They function as regulatory “valves” of energy flow and, depending on their location, vibly in their vibratory force and speed.

When our chakras are in balance, they enhance our vital energy and increase our well -being at physical, mental and emotional level.

Instead, when we have blocked or closed chakras we experience a sensation of energy blocking in the body. Energy is not able to flow properly and the organs associated with the chakras that are closed are affected by all types of ailments.

How does it work?

Gemotherapy and crystallotherapy are very powerful tools to unlock blocked chakras. It is only necessary to carry the bracelet to balancing all the chakras that are in imbalance.

Gems that includes the bracelet:

1 - ónix: revitalizes, purifies and balances energy. Shield against negative energy. Ideal to activate, heal and open low chakras. It is a gem with great antidepressant power. Its vibration brings light to our energy field. (Root chakra)

2- Meat: Fortuna holder. It is stabilizer and excellent to restore vitality and motivation stimulates creativity. Help overcome fears. (Sacred chakra)

3- Aragonito: attracts prosperity, abundance and money.It helps to understand and solve the problems that seem irresoluble. Improve our mood, calm anger and emotional tension. Relieve stress and anxiety. It gives us strength and support in difficult times. (Solar plexus chakra)

4- Pink Quartz: Attract love. Relieve stress and anxiety. It is excellent for emotionally balance and serves to placate impulsivity. It helps to heal emotional traumas. Attract happiness, harmony and joy. (Chakra heart)

5- Sodalite: It is a relaxing gem that gives us balance and tranquility. Decreases tension, anxiety and panic attacks. Combat insomnia. It provides emotional balance. It helps us to communicate better. Very used by speakers, opponents, teachers and students. (Garganta Chakra).

6- Amatista: Transmuta the negative energy in positive. Relax the nervous system decreasing anxiety. Put under the pillow improves insomnia and moves the nightmares. It helps alleviate headaches. (Third eye chakra).

7- White Quartz: It is a very energetic gem, which allows to clean the stagnant energy and attract that positive. It is revitalizing, protector and is used to clean and load the gems that we place next to it. (CORONA CHAKRA)

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