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White White Ball Ball Lisa Black

White White Ball Ball Lisa Black

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White White Ball Ball Lisa Black

Small size: 4mm balls and weight 8 gr.

Medium size: 6 mm balls and weight 15 gr.

Large size: 8 mm balls and weight of 25 gr.

Origin: Canada

Approximate length: 18-20 cm


Blue Howlita is one of the most gems relaxing that exist. Therefore, it is usually used as an antidote against sleep disorders, especially night terrors, the insomnia and nightmares. A blue Howlita stone placed under the pillow or the bed helps to achieve a repair, continuous and quality dream. It has also been discovered that its properties help animals, so you can place a howlita near your animal's bed to calm it down and be relaxed.

It is a mineral capable of to calm Even the most restless and hyperactive minds, so it is very useful in meditation to separate the thoughts that may appear during its practice.

Mentally the howlita Improves memory And it makes us more open and predisposed to receive the wisdom of our ancestors. He is able to help us retain and Remember dreams more clearly to be able to interpret them later.

At the spiritual level it gives us inner peace and increases our ability to perform Astral trips. It is widely used by those who practice regression of past lives.

On the emotional plane, it helps to have a calmer character, to be patient and to Control intense emotions and harmful such as anger, anger and cholera attacks. Also Improve our way of communicating With others, so it is ideal to be used in work interviews, oral exhibitions or for those who work for the public.

At the physical level it is considered one of the main gems of health, since it is capable of balance body and mind to achieve an absolute welfare state. Especially useful in those pathologies that have to do with teeth, soft tissues and bone system, such as osteoporosis, the lack of calcium and the gathering. It is also used by those who have ulcers, since it relieves the discomfort caused by them.

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