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Azurita bracelet with malachite smooth ball

Azurita bracelet with malachite smooth ball

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Azurita bracelet with malachite enhanced smooth ball

Small size: 4mm and 10 gr.

Medium size: 6mm and 18 gr.

Large size: 8 mm and 25 gr.

Approximate length: 16cm

Origin: Congo



Highly protective gem. Easily absorb negative energies. Protects against radiation of any kind. It has a strong affinity with nature and with the dévic forces.

Clean and active the farms and tune in with the spiritual guide. Put on the third eye activates visualization and psychic vision. On the heart it brings balance and harmony.

Malachite can be used to access other worlds, internal and external.

Encourage to change and assume risks. Show what prevents your spiritual growth. It helps break unwanted and toxic links. Release inhibitions and encourage feelings. It favors the Renaissance process.

It enhances intuition and compression. Makes you more observer and helps to understand difficult concepts


The Azurita, is also known as "the stone of clairvoyance" for its ability to awaken our intuition and our psychic gifts.

Also called "Malachite blue" is a gem that guides us towards lighting. Because of its intense blue color, it is able to open, stimulate and balance the third eye chakra. This gem protects us during astral trips, allowing you to return healthy and saved. It is also a mineral capable of making us tune in with our spiritual guides.

Recommendation: Do not wet, do not expose humid environments or chemicals (perfumes, dyes, hydroalcóholic gel, gels and soaps). The malachite and the azure can stain the skin if you are allergic to copper.

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