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Pink Ágata Bracelet - Lisa Ball

Pink Ágata Bracelet - Lisa Ball

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Pink Ágata Bracelet (Dyeñida) - Lisa Ball

Available sizes

Small size: 4mm balls, weight 6gr

Medium size: 6mm balls, weight 15 gr

Large size: 8mm balls, weight 25 gr

Approximate length: 16cm

Origin: Brazil


Agate is not a unique mineral, but rather a set of several quartzthat form layers inside the same stone.

At the energy level it is very powerful, so it is used in protection rituals.

It is also known as "The stone of the gifts”Since he is able to become more sensitive andenhance our latent magical abilities.

Wake up the gifts ofClarivididence, Clariaudience, the gift of reading auras, the ability to make astral trips, intuition or sixth sense and premonitory gifts; according to the capacity and level of each soul.

The agate is considered aProtection stone, since the aura of who carries it the negative vibrations and the evil eye, properties are also attributed to avoid tragedies and accidents.

Is aVery relaxing gem, if you feel tense and with a lot of stress, the agata will be of great help to calm these emotional problems.

If you place it under your pillow you will fight sleep problems such as insomnia and help you have a placid dream and rest well.

Attract good luck and prosperity, act as amulet so that things go well, especially useful to place it at home or in your business.

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