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Ruby Zoisite Chip Bracelet

Ruby Zoisite Chip Bracelet

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Ruby Zoisite Chip Bracelet

Approximate length: 16cm

Origin: Longide (Tanzania)

ATTENTION: Zoisite is a mineral not suitable for cleaning with water, since being very porous water can erode it.



The zoisite Transforms negative energies into positive energies.

It is a very powerful gem to stimulate fertility and treat problems related to ovaries.

It is tissue regenerating so Promotes recovery after disease important. Effective to relieve joint problems.

Align all the chakras, it helps us to have more positive thoughts. 

Zoisite helps to have the courage To be who you want to be. It is a gem that helps us to reaffirm ourselves.

Zoisite is very related to Gemini people.


The ruby ​​is one of the four precious stones, much appreciated for its monetary value, its rarity and its hardness (only the diamond exceeds it in hardness).

Is a power stone, leadership and integrity. Excellent for Activate sleeping energies. It is a gem that makes us rejuvenate and relive. It helps overcome fatigue. Bring passion, enthusiasm and love of our life.

Acts on him Heart chakra, encourage what you want most and make you happy. It makes us more active and makes us more productive.

Promote positive thoughts. Grants an incredible feeling of power to its bearer.

It is also very powerful stimulating the Base chakra, increasing our Chi or vital force.

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