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Multicolor Mix Turmaline Chip Bracelet

Multicolor Mix Turmaline Chip Bracelet

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Multicolor Mix Turmaline Chip Bracelet

Approximate length: 16cm

Origin: Brazil

Being natural gems each bracelet is unique in the combination and tone of the colors, the bracelets that will be delivered will be similar to those of photography.


Multicolored tourmaline has all the characteristics that can be found in other tourmalins.

It has theCanalization and transformation of energyown or external. At an energy level it is also aExcellent protector. Channels the energies found in a person or in a place andIt relieves the loads of the environments.

Multicolor tourmaline tooIt allows you to feel better at spiritual and emotional level.Allowing the negative feelings that have long saved in the subconscious emerge to the surface to be healed, allowing to have tranquility and inner peace.

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