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Selenite Massage Point Point

Selenite Massage Point Point

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Selenite Massage Point Point

With a rounded tip and a pencil -shaped tip

Approximate piece size: 15-16x1´5cm

Approximate weight: 90-200 gr.

Origin: Morocco


The selenite or "Los Angeles Crystal" is named in honor of the goddess Selene, for her ethereal glow equal to that of the moon. He embodies tranquility, blessing, love and light.

The selenite harmonizes the environment, since it emits beneficial negative ions and reduces air pollutant agents. Place a selenite monolith in the house to create a safe space that prevents the entry of external influences. In the children's room it reduces nightmares, night terrors and fear of darkness.

It brings mental clarity. Excellent for meditation and spiritual work since peace infuses and raises people's awareness to a higher level. Protects from toxic energy and energy vampires.

Open, clean and active the third eye chakra, the crown, the upper coronary and the transpersonal and etheric chakras.

Eliminates energy blockages and stagnation. Clean the congested energy and the negativity of the physical and etheric body. Los Chakras align.

It allows to connect with other lives, with spiritual guides and with guard angels. It gives access to angelic consciousness.

It is a powerful emotional healing since it calms and stabilizes emotions. Attract love and fertility. It brings calm during pregnancy and motherhood.

Improve our telepathic abilities. It brings tranquility and calms anxiety.


The selenite cannot be washed with water because it dissolves. It is a crystal that does not require energy cleaning; self-limp itself. And it is useful for cleaning other crystals, objects, spaces and people (Aurico Campo).

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