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White Quartz Punta Keychain

White Quartz Punta Keychain

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White Quartz Punta Keychain

Approximate measure: 10 centimeters of keychain, the quartz tip measures between 3 and 4 centimeters.

Approximate weight: 20-25 grams

Being natural gems each keychain is unique, the piece that will be delivered will be similar to that of the photographs, being able to vary slightly of shape and size.


The white quartz is the most versatile glass that exists since it can be programmed for any purpose. Transmuta, purifies and amplifies energy, attracts prosperity and enhances the power of the other gems that we place next to it.

It helps to focus, focus and amplify physical, mental and emotional energy.

It is a powerful healer that cleanses, protects and increases the Auric field of who carries it.


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All our pieces are made with 100% natural minerals selected carefully in order to always offer the highest quality and conserve all its energy properties.