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Jaspe Sardio Antiestrés Keychain - Scorpio

Jaspe Sardio Antiestrés Keychain - Scorpio

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Jaspe Sardio Antiestrés Keychain (Zodiac Scorpio)

Approximate measure: 8 x 2´5 cm

Approximate weight: 22 gr


This gem symbolizes justice. It is said that its energy gives a prolonged life to which it uses it.

It helps to leave old behavior patterns, it makes you outgoing improving your social relationships, stimulates mental processes and represses dangerous desires or whims.

Is aVery protective gem, above all it is very effective forfight the evil eye.It gives us great vitality and energy.

It is a good ally in business and in everything that has to do with intellectual issues,stimulates trustin oneself and helps to solve all those problems that have to do with the theme of love and sentimental.

It helps fight diseases related to the circulatory system and blood.

Direct the chakras to keep them balanced and help avoid uncontrollable and undesirable thoughts, transforming them into positive, calm and relaxed energy.

It is considered thePassion and desire stoneThis is why, in ancient Greece couples used to give themselves a jaspe of this type.

It is the gem that corresponds to the sign of the scorpio zodiac.

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