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Green Quartz Antiestrés Keychain - Virgo

Green Quartz Antiestrés Keychain - Virgo

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Green Quartz Antiestrés Keychain (Virgo Zodiac)

Approximate measure: 8 x 2´5 cm

Approximate weight: 22 gr


Green quartz attracts prosperity, money and abundance to your life. It is the gem par excellence associated with health, since it helps with all kinds of problems, from digestive, to those related to the heart, immune system and depression. It is a highly energizing mineral, helps relieve fatigue and in cases of fibromyalgia.

It is Excellent to emotionally balance and serves to placate impulsivity and anger attacks. This associated with the heart chakra although it serves to balance all the chakras.

At the psychic level it provides mental stability, it relieves stress and is a great protector of the aura. It also serves to absorb those energies that are negative for us, especially those related to radiation and electromagnetic fields.

It is the gem that corresponds to the sign of the Zodiac of Virgo.

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