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Sagrada Mother Love Petals Kit

Sagrada Mother Love Petals Kit

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This kit includes

  • 1 Sahumerio de Rosas XXL
  • 2 Bombitas Petalos de Rosa y Ompere
  • 1 incense roses and olive triangulas
  • 2 Incenses Extra Premium Rosas and Obian quality
  • 1 rose quartz in raw
  • 1 explanatory brochure

The power of love fills the immensity of spaces. Where there is love there is life, happiness, friendship, prosperity and peace.

Use and properties

Sahumerio de Rosas: Roses have been used for a long time in love spells due to their association with emotions. Rose petals, mixed with the cedar, laurel and eucalyptus in this sahumerium are a powerful emotional curative, healer and harmonizing. Sahumar our home with roses calm personal tensions by joining their members with love and fraternity,

Triangulito de Rosa y Opibano: The triangle is a geometric figure that corresponds to number 3, representing the Trinity, "Light, love and will". It symbolizes perfection, harmony and wisdom. Harmonize spaces, attract divine light, love and protection.

Rose and Opile Petal Bombites: In moments of purification, meditation and cleaning, this bombita is an important healing tool. The Obano and the rose combine and attract the unconditional and inexhaustible love Celestia, leaving a contained and protected atmosphere.

Rose incense: Great source of unconditional love. They purify spaces, environments and workplaces, attracting peace, harmony and positive energy.

Curazo Rosa: The stone of love for excellent. It represents the essence of love on earth. Gently attract the love vibrations of the universe to our being. It attracts electricity energy to our life.

Teach the true essence of love. Purifies, heals and opens the heart at all levels.

It transmits calm, safety and is an excellent gem for traumas or emotional crises. Returns trust and harmony to existing relationships, favoring unconditional love.

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