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Gem kit to study

Gem kit to study

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9 energy stones kit to study

Ideal to carry or place at home.

Recommended especially for students, opponents and people who have to face exams, oral exhibitions or work interviews.

Balance, healthy and open the throat chakra, the crown and the third eye.

Includes nine medium shot, natural linen bag and informative brochure:

  1. Jaspe Leopardo
  2. Blue Howlita
  3. Sodalite
  4. Green quartz
  5. Fluorite (natural octahedron)
  6. Citrine
  7. White quartz
  8. Amethyst
  9. Hematite

Approximate weight: 60 grs


Among the main ones Properties of our crystal kit for concentration And the study we find:

  • Improves memory, prevents us from getting blank improving our cognitive ability
  • It helps to express ourselves better.
  • It relieves anxiety
  • It helps retain what is studied.
  • Improves attention and concentration
  • Increase motivation
  • It enhances sleep quality

Gems that compose it:

1- Jaspe Leopardo: It is the stone of the students. Activate good memory and avoid being blank. It helps alleviate memory and retention problems of what has been learned. It is able to grant wisdom.

2- Blue Howlita: It is an extremely relaxing stone, which makes it an excellent antidote against insomnia. It helps us not to be nervous and not procrastine. Improves memory.

3-Sodalite: It enhances concentration and attention. It is a communicator crystal, it helps us when we have to talk a lot and express ourselves correctly in exams, interview or exhibitions. It helps harmonize our thoughts with our word. Help better sleep.

4-Green Aventurine: Increase concentration, it helps improve memory and stimulates our mental energy. It is an antiestrés gem with anxiolytic power. It helps us to calm down before an important exam or interview.

5-Fluorita:Open the third eye, it helps to focus our mind on the study processes and helps us organize. It has anxiolytic power. It is a very relaxing gem, capable of calming stress. In its octahedron form it is much more powerful.

6- Citrine: It brings mental clarity frees the mind from conflicting thoughts, keeping it clear. It favors study by reactivating intellectual activity exhausted by continued efforts.

7-White Cuarzo: It can be programmed for any purpose. It amplifies the power of other gems. It favors a better concentration to achieve greater performance.

8-Abitist:Raises concentration and helps clarify our mind. Reduce stress levels, it provides calm, helps in the process of understanding what is studied. It enhances sleep quality.

9-hematites: Increase concentration, it helps improve memory and stimulates our mental energy.

The stones, by its crystalline nature, They can vary in color, size and shape. Similarly, they vary in their degree of hardness, that is why some may show imperfections or small fractures that are simply due to their natural characteristics.

All stones included in this pack are shot, that is, they have been polished to soften their shape. However, some small parts can be raw so as not to wear out too much.

Do not worry if your stone shows any of these characteristics, that makes them unique and genuine.

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