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Sacred Mother Energy Cleaning Kit

Sacred Mother Energy Cleaning Kit

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This kit includes

  • 1 incense pill
  • 1 Energy Pyramid of and Incense
  • 1 orange and incense sahumerium
  • 3 lavender and incense bombs
  • 3 double combined sahumeria
  • 1 cement sahumador
  • 1 explanatory brochure

The Sahumar ritual orders, balances and makes us return to our axis. We must always sahumar when moving or in our work spaces. All products in this kit are made exclusively thinking of a natural, true and deep cleaning.

Use and properties

Energy Pyramid: The pyramid is a millenary geometric symbol, represents the fire, a powerful connection between the heavenly and earthly world, union of the single and the stars, life and transformation energy, conductor of the cosmic power over the environment where it is used.

Covering from already and incense crystals, it has a great creative and transformation power.

Incense pill: Connect the earthly and spiritual world. Purifier and protector. It floods the atmosphere of love, peace and prosperity. It results in the hope and evolution of our inner being.

Orange and incense sahumerium: It symbolizes the power of transformation, fertility and happiness. Orange, associated with the sun, gives vital energy and implies a new rebirth with creativity and expansion of consciousness.

This sahumerio is renovating and protector. Clean and purify the body, the mind, the soul and the atmosphere.

Lavender and incense bombs: Lavender has purification and cleaning properties because what is ideal to relax, heal spiritually, release personal blockages and attract positive energy.

Double combined sahumeria: These sahumerios have two layers; The first contains Palo Santo, ideal to purify, attract light, love and clean spaces.

The second layer, contains myrrh resins and incense that provides deep cleaning and elavated states of consciousness. Free the soul and the enegative energy spaces. Open step to a new awakening.

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Unique pieces

All our pieces are made with 100% natural minerals selected carefully in order to always offer the highest quality and conserve all its energy properties.