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Incense fairy's dream - SAC

Incense fairy's dream - SAC

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  • Incense fairy's dream (Fairy Dreams) of the SAC brand
  • 20 incense sticks of high quality
  • Approximate duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Musk aroma and raspberries

Elaborated from Artisanal form with oils, resins and 100% natural fragrances In India byOne of the most recognized incense brands on the market, SAC (Sandesh Agarbathi Co. Family business created in 1970 in Bangalore, India.)

Handmade one by one, and packaged with great care to make them a beautiful gift

It does not contain toxic elements and is friendly to the environment.


The incense "Fairy Dream", elaborated from essential oils and fragrances of musk and raspberry, is recommended To foster a deep rest, connecting with the deepest phases of sleep.

Also It serves to attract prophetic dreams and stimulate psychic abilities, widely used as a tool to improve dream cycles stimulating rest and peace.

Stimulates the possibility of having more awareness of dream experiences, so Help remember dreams. It recreates an environment of positive energies, peace and tranquility.

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