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Incense Satya French lavender - French lavender

Incense Satya French lavender - French lavender

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Incense Satya French lavender - French lavender

  • 12 approximate 16 grs sticks
  • Approximate duration: 25-30 min
  • Elaborated In the Indian city of incense par excellence: Bangalore.
  • Made with high quality ingredients from 100% natural origin, without animal cruelty or child exploitation.
  • Rolled and handmade according to the Massala technique from natural resins and French lavender.
  • Delicious, soft and fresh lavender aroma

French lavender incense has been used for various functions among them:

  • Ideal to create a pleasant, pleasant and comfortable atmosphere in any home or business.
  • Thanks to its relaxing and soothing properties it is ideal for sleeping better
  • It is perfect to use during the practice of meditation, relaxation or yoga
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