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Incense 3 powers (fortune, protection and wisdom) - SAC

Incense 3 powers (fortune, protection and wisdom) - SAC

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  • Incense three powers of the SAC brand
  • Fortune, protection and wisdom.
  • 20 incense sticks of high quality
  • Approximate duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Floral aroma

Elaborated from Artisanal form with oils, resins and 100% natural fragrances In India byOne of the most recognized incense brands on the market, SAC (Sandesh Agarbathi Co. Family business created in 1970 in Bangalore, India.)

Handmade one by one, and packaged with great care to make them a beautiful gift

It does not contain toxic elements and is friendly to the environment.


Incense 3 powers is a product created in India based on a soft floral mixture that provides protection, wisdom and fortune.

This mystical incense is used as Offering ritual for the three Hindu deities main: The goddess Laksmi who provides beauty and fortune, Ganesh who gives protection and luck and Sarasvati that gives wisdom, intelligence and help in studies.

Twenty aromatic rods that help spread a sweet soft fragrance throughout the home, and allows a quieter dream.

They serve for Balance energies among people, facilitate study and make work space more enjoyable. This product can also be used to Avoid bad luck.

Mode of use: Turn on and let the bar burn for 10 seconds. Turn off the flame and let it be consummated slowly. This incense is recommended to turn on three rods at the same time (one for each deity) and ask for what your soul needs.

Precautions: Keep out of children's reach. Do not eat. Do not let it neglect. Not suitable for human consumption and not tested in animals. Make sure the ashes fall on fireproof surface.

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