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Incense 7 African Magias - SAC

Incense 7 African Magias - SAC

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  • Incense seven African magic of the SAC brand
  • For prosperity and business
  • 20 incense sticks of high quality
  • Approximate duration: 20-30 minutes
  • Composition: Arabic rubber, wooden coal, aromatic dust, floral extract of jacinto and plant fragrances.

Elaborated from Artisanal form with oils, resins and 100% natural fragrances In India byOne of the most recognized incense brands on the market, SAC (Sandesh Agarbathi Co. Family business created in 1970 in Bangalore, India.)

Handmade one by one, and packaged with great care to make them a beautiful gift

It does not contain toxic elements and is friendly to the environment.


The incense 7 African magic receives this name for the seven African powers, the orichas group composed of: Obatala, Elegguá, Changó, Oggún, Orunlá, Yemayá and Ochún. The believer argues that within this group of orichas, there are all aspects of human life.

It serves for white magic, enchantments or spells, prosperity and businesses.

It helps harmonize the energies of spaces. It also improves luck in business. Ideal to place in work environments since it is able to enhance the businesses and projects that you have. Help to attract customers faithful to your business, as well as collaborators and partners in your projects that allow you to continue successfully

Is very useful To attract prosperity to your life In all areas, especially in the businesses and projects you start. This incense will become a great ally to start living your life in its maximum splendor, the life you had always wanted and dreamed.

With the incense of the 7 African magic you will not have to continue worrying about the bad streak you are living. It helps attract money, abundance and fortune to your life. Help your financial situation improve.

    This product can also be lit at home. Take away the bad dreams and put in tune people the energies of the people, so that they reach a greater rapport.

    Thanks to its singular and aroma envelope, it is recommended to use this incense especially for night. It can be used to accompany a meditation, yoga or relaxation session or to help you fall asleep.

    Mode of use: Turn on and let the bar burn for 10 seconds. Turn off the flame and let it be consummated slowly. It is important that you let the rod be consumed in its entirety to fulfill its mission. It is recommended to turn on a rod between once and twice a week to ensure that the results are maintained over time.

    Precautions: Keep out of children's reach. Do not eat. Do not let it neglect. Not suitable for human consumption and not tested in animals. In no case is it recommended to breathe directly the smoke of the incense. Make sure the ashes fall on fireproof surface.

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