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Sacred Old and Rosas Geometry

Sacred Old and Rosas Geometry

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Sacred Old and Roses Geometry - Purification and Love

  • 100% artisanal and ecological
  • Box of 4 units of triangular incense
  • Weight: 40 grs.
  • Elaborated with essence of roses, orange grains, natural binders coal and salt
  • 20 minute approximate.

Incense elaborated based on natural binders, scanning and activated carbon, unlike carbon pills, it is not used with herbs on top, but is allowed to burn the triangle only

Sacred Mother It is an Argentine family business dedicated to offering incenses and natural products, working with Mother Earth, sustainability, ecology, conscious use and fair work.

Uses and properties

The triangle is the geometric symbol that represents the number three, key of geometry and ‘divine proportion‘. The Trinity, fruit of the product of the unit of heaven and earth. In sacred geometry, the triangle represents harmony, divinity and perfect proportion, between the body, mind and soul.

The roses They provide a floral, soothing and refreshing aroma. Reduce stress and difficulties in sleeping. Ideal to reduce anxiety levels and improve mood. It is a powerful stimulating that balances the energy system.

Inspires feelings of peace and happiness increased our inner peace. It favors love and also sex, since it has aphrodisiac effects.

  • First choose your intention (healing, energy cleaning, protection, etc)
  • Place the triangle on a metal or clay incense holder to collect the ashes. (HERE You can see ours)
  • Fill it with a lighter or a candle
  • Join with the smell that gives off and feels your peace. It is your time to relax.
  • Sahumar space, gem or person with smoke.
  • Throw the leftovers to Mother Nature.
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Unique pieces

All our pieces are made with 100% natural minerals selected carefully in order to always offer the highest quality and conserve all its energy properties.