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Heliotropo -filled pendant

Heliotropo -filled pendant

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Heliotropo or blood jaspe glued pendant with Engarce.

Approximate size: 2´5x1´5 cm

Weight: 6 gr

Being natural gems each pendant is unique, the piece that will be delivered will be similar to the photographs and can vary slightly color, drawing, shape or size.


Heliotropo is a dark green (almost black) chalcedon that has red inlays. It is also known as "blood stone" or "Bloodstone".

It is a gem that has many magical properties, the main one is that it prevents and delays aging.It helps cure broken hearts.

It is widely used as a talisman for companies and our businesses to prosper. Attract fortune.

It is a protective gem that helps us maintain the negative influences far from our life. It stimulates sleep, calms aggressiveness and helps us adapt to the unforeseen.

The Heliotropo opens, healthy and balances the base chakra, the sacred chakra and the heart chakra.

At the physical level, it helps overcome blood -related diseases such as anemia. Clean the toxins of the blood, improve the immune system and help women who have problems related to menstruation.


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