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Moss Mushroom Chip Necklace

Moss Mushroom Chip Necklace

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Moss Mushroom Chip Necklace

Total necklace length: 90 cm

Approximate weight: 60 gr


The agata moss is known as "The stone of the beginning". Are you going to move home? Are you starting a new project? Do you just start a business? You are going to have a baby? This gem will help you prosper and succeed in this new stage of your life!

It is a gem associated with wealth, since it attracts abundance and money.

It brings well -being and joy to its bearer. Is able to help us improve our self esteem. Us allows us to free us from fear and depression since it brings joy and optimism.

The mossy agate is linked to the spirits of nature, so it is able to help us strengthen our connection with the earth, promoting roots.

We are rooted to earth and connects to nature.

Physical level, It is used to help the body cope with and defeat a disease better. Stimulates the lymphatic system, strengthens the respiratory tract and the immune system. It also improves digestive processes. It is also a powerful gem to increase the fertility and have a good pregnancy.

Open, healthy and balances the Heart chakra.

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