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Pendant with unokita

Pendant with unokita

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Pendant of unokita with engarce

Approximate size: 2.3x1.8 cm

Weight: 6 gr


Also called "The stone of vision" because it helps its bearer to visualize the path to follow and know what decision to make. It is a gem that serves to clarify doubts, get answers and Find meaning to life.

At the emotional level it gives us balance and helps us when we are confused highly recommended for those who are going through a emotional crisis and existential. Emits a soothing aura which promotes atmosphere of serenity and tenderness. It serves to Raise self -esteem of its bearer.

Unokita is a powerful Love amulet, serves to solve Couple crisis and understand the wishes of our heart.

Especially useful for fight traumas and emotional blockages, especially those that occurred during childhood or during past lives.

On a physical level, it helps improve circulation, it is rejuvenate, serves to treat problems related to the reproductive system. Widely used during pregnancy so that the child grows healthy and strong.

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