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Red jaspe glue

Red jaspe glue

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Hoeded red jaspe rod

Approximate size: 2x1.5 cm

Approximate weight: 10 gr


The red jaspe is a powerful Amulet of protection against negative energies, maleficios, spells and black magic. In addition to protecting ourselves from others also protects us from ourselves. It is very effective protecting Against the evil eye, pessimism and depression. During pregnancy it protects the mother and the child of all kinds of dangers.

The red jaspe is a mineral associated with the first chakra, the Base or root chakra. It is one of the best stimulants, since it is capable of revitalize Y Provide energy, especially to those people who are low of mind, who are tired or are going through a disease.

The red jaspe us gives strength and courage, stimulates us And it vigorizes us. It is especially useful for overcome complicated situations and undertake new projects.

It is a mineral closely associated with sexuality, it is used for Awaken passion Y Improve relationships At the physical level.

Provides vital strength and optimism, helps Relieve tiredness, apathy and sadness. It is a gem that intensifies positive emotions.

At the physical level It provides well -being and is able to accelerate the physical recovery of the body during diseases or stages of convalescence.

The red jaspe is indicated to help heal all those Blood -associated diseases, such as anemia, also strengthens and purges the circulatory system and cure liver diseases.

Being a very energetic stone it is not recommended to expose it to sunlight, so it would be convenient to load it through the moonlight method.

The red jaspe is very related with the sign of Aries.


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