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Yellow jade hanging

Yellow jade hanging

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Yellow jade beaten bored with black cord

Approximate size: 3x2 cm

Approximate weight: 12 gr.

Origin: China

Being natural minerals each pendant is unique in shape, size and color. The pendants that will be delivered will be similar to those of the photograph, the jade can range from the white colors, to the light yellow and dark yellow.


Jade is a gem that symbolizes wisdom, power, purity and serenity. It's about a Amulet for good fortune since abundance attracts, good luck and prosperity.

Open, balances and unlocks the Heart chakra. It brings harmony, attracts optimism and hope.

It is a sacred stone for oriental culture. In China it was considered that whoever carried a Jade Gem would achieve the 5 virtues of Jade: justice, value, wisdom, modesty and charity.

It is said that the Yellow jade It helps achieve self -assessment. It is ideal for people with creative jobs as it stimulates the creativity, it gives us ideas and stimulates us at the mental level. It is energetic and stimulating.

Carry a yellow jade necklace It helps to heal and balance the thymus, the spleen and the thyroid. It is also useful for healing problems of larynx, bladder, heart and kidney.
It helps relieve gastrointestinal problems improving meals digestion.

The yellow jade Help to overcome fatigue and problems fatigue chronic. In addition to helping to improve metabolism.

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