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Shungit orgonite pendant arrow tip

Shungit orgonite pendant arrow tip

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Shungit orgonite pendant in the form of an arrow tip

Approximate size: 4cm

Approximate weight: 12gr

Interior metal: copper

Origin: Russia



Orgonites are pieces made by combining Resin, noble metals and minerals, were invented by the Austrian Hans Welz in 1990, based on The investigations and discoveries made by Wilheim Reich in the 30s on ethereal matter.

Orgonitas have the ability to Clean the negative energy environment, especially of electromagnetic pollution that weakens our vital field. That is why they specially useful for Protect and neutralize electromagnetic fields that surround us, such as mobiles, computers, electrical equipment, televisions, wireless devices, antennas, Wi -Fi networks and 5G.

In addition, orgonites are capable of Transform the negative energy of the environment into positive, healthy and harmonious energy.

They have healing properties and are well -being generators. They help relaxation, liberation from stress and allow you to fall asleep more easily.

Bring peace and gives the body a state of harmony and balance creating in the environment a sensation of optimism and positive energy, improving our environment.


Shungita or Shungit is one of the oldest minerals that exists and is formed by all the elements of the Mendeleïev table so its properties are endless.

Among the numerous properties of Shungita we are:

Block negative electromagnetic waves of the devices around us.

It helps liver, intestinal, renal and metabolic processes.

Relieves Dolores
of all kinds, especially head, back and rheumatism.

Normalize sleep and help with insomnia.

Stabilize blood pressure and increase vitality.

Improve skin diseases and reduce hair loss.

Absorb and eliminates everything that is negative for people.

It is a great water purifier capable of eliminating bacteria and the chlorine flavor in 72 hours, leaving a much more pure, healthy and beneficial water for our body.

It is a powerful energy recharge and clean the aura.

Transmuta energy, it is an intelligent stone that catalyzes, filters and restores what should be in place, both physical and energy.

It intervenes in everything that does not work correctly, reactivates our own cell intelligence and our self -healthy forces, reprogram us cellularly.

You do not need cleaning or recharge!

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