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OM pendant of the chakras in silver bathroom with eight gems

OM pendant of the chakras in silver bathroom with eight gems

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OM pendant of the chakras in silver bathroom with eight gems

Approximate piece size: 4x4cm

Approximate weight per piece: 8gr


1- Meat: Fortuna holder. It is stabilizer and excellent to restore vitality and motivation stimulates creativity. Help overcome fears. (Sacred chakra) Our silver bath pendants include the following stones

2 - Garnet: Clean and re -generated all the chakras. Revitalizes, purifies and balances energy. Attract joy and vitality. (Root chakra)

3- Tiger eye: attracts prosperity, abundance and money. It is a gem that protects against all kinds of dangers, especially against the evil eye. (Solar plexus chakra)

4- turquoise: stone with soothing effect. It is a protective gem, especially protects travelers. Strengthens psychologically. (Chakra heart)

5- Green Quartz: It is the health gem. It is a great emotional stabilizer.Increase vitality. (Garganta Chakra)

6- IOLITA: Provides self-confidence. It helps recover balance and motivation. Stimulates memory. Infuse hope and helps make decisions about how to proceed. It is an excellent glass for the shamanic trip. It is a vision gem. (Third Eye Chakra)

7- Amatista: Transmuta the negative energy in positive. Relax the nervous system decreasing anxiety. Put under the pillow improves insomnia and moves the nightmares. It helps alleviate headaches. (Crown chakra).

8- Luna stone: balances your emotional, mental and physical state. It is a powerful talisman and is related to fertility. It is one of the best gems for women. (Garganta Chakra).

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