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Potentiated citrine tear

Potentiated citrine tear

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Potentiated citrine tear

Approximate size: 4x2cm

Approximate weight: 10gr

Origin: Brazil

Being natural gems, color can suffer slight variations.

The enhanced citrine or heated citrine comes from the amethyst treated with heat.


Citrine is a powerful cleaner and regenerator. It incorporates the power of the sun. It creates warmth, energy and it is highly creative.

Absorb, transmutes, dissipates and conducts negative energy. So when carrying it, it generates a POderous protective field.

It is one of the stones of abundance, attracts wealth, prosperity, success and all kinds of good things.

He has the power to give joy to all who look at him.

It raises self -esteem and self -confidence and eliminates destructive trends. Improves motivation, activates creativity and encourages self -expression. It makes you less sensitive to criticism. It helps develop a positive attitude and look at the future with optimism.

It enhances the concentration and revitalizes the mind. Excellent to overcome fears and phobias. Promote internal calm. He is wearing a color pendant allows to overcome the difficulties to verbalize thoughts and feelings.


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