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Turmalinated quartz tear in silver bathroom

Turmalinated quartz tear in silver bathroom

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Turmalinated Quartz Tears - Silver Bathroom

Approximate size: 3x2cm

Approximate weight: 8 gr

Origin: Brazil

The stones, by their crystalline nature, can vary in color, size and shape. Similarly, they vary in their degree of hardness, that is why some may show imperfections or small fractures that are simply due to their natural characteristics. Turmaline parts can be raw, do not worry if your stone shows any of these characteristics, that makes them unique and genuine.


Turmalinated quartz is a transparent quartz that has inclusions of black tourmaline. Thus It combines the protective properties of tourmaline and the energy properties of the white quartz.

Is aVery protective gem. It helps us free ourselves from bad energies, overcome anxiety, depression and stress. Convert negative thoughts into positive. It is able to relieve the tensions that we have accumulated both physical and psychic level.

It is used combined with other minerals since it is able to increase, enhance and amplify the properties of any mineral that we place next to it.

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