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Donut de Obsidiana Caoba

Donut de Obsidiana Caoba

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Medium Obsidian donut pendant

Approximate piece size:30x5mm

Approximate weight: 5-9gr

Origin: Mexico


Obsidian mahogany has a softer and more delicate energy than the black obsidian. It is a powerful stone of spiritual growth and personal projection. It is used for protection, cleaning and purification.

It allows youconnect with your subconscious world. It induces self -exploration to see what prevents you from moving forward and what would help you improve but do not use. It helps to face your weaknesses and go further.

Eliminates energy blockages. Strengthens the aura that is weakened.

It is a stabilizing stone, which gives us roots and strength, especially in the moments of transition and change.

At the physical level, this mineral is used to relieve chronic pain, heal and improve theblood circulationand treat theSex traumas.

Open, unlock and balances the root, sacred and solar plexus chakras.

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