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Hematite donut pendant

Hematite donut pendant

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Hematite donut pendant

Small size: 2 cm and 3 gr

Medium size: 2´6 cm and 8gr

Origin: Brazil


The hematite, also known as hematite, is a gem formed by iron that is very related to the blood systemIt helps heal problems of anemia, circulation and iron absorption. Improves the formation of red blood cells and helps to have a better functioning of the kidneys.

It's about a Powerful protective amulet, capable of blocking the negative energies of others to avoid damaging our aura.

Increase security in ourselves and self -esteem so it enhances our natural leadership skills.

Is a perfect stone for those who are studying, since it is able to improve our memory, increase concentration, enhance our willpower and contribute usmental agility.Especially indicated for people with propensity to be scattered, distracted and have concentration problems, this gem helps us improve our attention and focus on studies.

It relieves insomnia, especially the one caused by anxiety.

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