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Bronze pendant sri yantra

Bronze pendant sri yantra

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Bronze pendant sri yantra

Approximate piece size: 4´5 cm

Approximate weight: 9 gr.


In the Tantra a large number of Yrastas are used, among which are their most famous: the Sri Yantra.

A Yantra is a Visual mantra which is composed of several geometric figures combined with each other that interact detaching a very powerful energy.

In the design of the Yrastas, those numbers that are more powerful and that have a powerful meaning for Hindu astrology and numerology are considered.

The Sri Yantra is formed by 9 juxtaposed triangles that in turn originate 43 triangles More smalls. Four of them are spatially oriented up, representing the cosmic male energy or Ivá; The remaining 5 are oriented down, to represent the Akti female cosmic force. The triangles are sometimes surrounded by a lotus with 8 petals that symbolizes Vishnú.

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