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Jaspe Ocean heart pendant

Jaspe Ocean heart pendant

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Jaspe ocean heart pendant with silver gate (includes black cord)

Approximate size:2.5cm at 3cm.

Approximate weight: 10-16 gr.

Origin: Madagascar

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The JOcean or oceanic aspe It is a multicolored stone that connects with joy and favors expansion and relaxation. It is also known by the name of Jaspe Marino, Jaspe Orbicular, Jaspe Cellular or Atlantis stone.

The ocean jaspe is a stone that can have a multitude of colors such as green, yellow, pink, gray, blue, red, white, black or brown. Many times it presents bands, moles, patterns and drawings in the form of a orb. Some pieces have small druse and crystallizations inside that make them much more magical and powerful.

Place an ocean Jaspe tip in your home will give you peace and will allow you to release and tune in to your physical and spiritual presence. This stone embodies happiness, joy and all the good things in life. When you have the energy of the oceanic jaspe in your home you are attracting all kinds of positive and enriching energies.

It is a stone associated with renewal and strength. It helps to dissolve negative sadness and moods.

The ocean jaspe helps us deal with changes, it gives us a positive spirit and allows us to face the future with courage, responsibility and independence.

On a mental level, it is able to help us heal, it helps us get rid of obsessions and allows our life to be balanced. You can dissipate harmful nightmares and thoughts.

They say the ocean jaspe It contains mystical knowledge inside Related to Atlantis, so meditating near a Punta de Jaspe Ocean will allow you to recover your own ancestral wisdom.

Is a Ideal stone for healers, counselors and therapists, since it helps transmute the misuse of spiritual power at any time in which it has occurred. Also grants power, willpower And it will help you focus and intensify your healing intention (especially if the Punta de Jaspe Ocean contains some crystallization inside).

It is a stone associated with the heart chakra, with a soft and loving action, harmonizing and also energizing the 1st chakra and the solar plexus. On emotional level it helps us to remove without solving emotional problems, that we have hidden ourselves and others, allowing us to heal and continue forward.

Place An ocean jaspe in your office or job, especially during staff meetings or at work hours; It will help you develop a harmonious, balanced and relaxed work environment. It also helps create a cooperative interaction with your coworkers. Also Like all Jaspe has very powerful protective properties, especially protects us from evil eye, bad intentions, jealousy and envy.

This Especially indicated for children because it gives them peace, calm and tranquility. It teaches them to be patient and tolerant.

At the physical level is one of the best healers since it helps detoxify the organism, stimulating the good lymphatic drainage and the proper functioning of the immune system. It is recommended to relieve accumulated tension and improve insomnia, swelling problems, female reproductive problems and premenstrual syndrome. It helps to have a good blood circulation and a good functioning of the internal organs.

Increase the level of patience and tolerance in the signs of Capricorn and Cancer.


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