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Molten iron cauldron with Pentagram

Molten iron cauldron with Pentagram

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Molten iron cauldron with Pentagram

Small size: measure: 10x6 cm (not counting the handle) and weight: 570 gr.

Large size: measure: 12x11 cm (not counting the handle) and 1000 gr.

Uses and properties

The witch cauldron is one of the essential elements in the Wiccano altar since it symbolizes the belly of the goddess, the primordial belly. You must gather three conditions: be iron, round and have three legs.

It is very useful as a censer for Burn incense and herbs such as Palo Santo, Romero, Laurel and Salvia. It is the ideal container to make potions or carry out rituals, it can also be used as a water container chalice.

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