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Benjuí and musk activated defumation

Benjuí and musk activated defumation

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Benjuí and musk activated defumation

  • 100% artisanal and ecological
  • Box of 8 units
  • Weight: 60 grs.
  • Made with benjuí, musk, coal, salt and natural binders
  • 15 - 30 minute approximate

Ideal for Opening, divine light, purification Y Healing spiritual

Sacred Mother It is an Argentine family business dedicated to offering incenses and natural products, working with Mother Earth, sustainability, ecology, conscious use and fair work.

Uses and properties

Activated defumation bombs are ideal for purifying and cleaning spaces, gems or people. Made with 100% natural ingredients, resins and herbs.

With incorporated activated carbon, unlike carbon pills, it is not used with herbs on top, but is allowed to burn it alone.

Benjuí is a resin extracted from a Asian origin plant, qthat can be found in the forests and in the jungles of the islands of Borneo, Sumatra and Java, in the Indonesian archipelago. It is known numerous healing, therapeutic, magical and spiritual properties.

In the old Chinese culra, benjuí was used to help relax and link, with greater depth, with the mystical side of human existence.

This aroma makes our thoughts here and gradually release our mind from the various situations lived day by day, to achieve a level of concentration and accentuated relaxation.

Generates a Aura of good energy, take away all those negative energies or that can cause a negative effect on us and attract good luck.

These bombs are made based on herbs with different properties:

  • Benzoin: Divine Opening and Light
  • Incense : Purification and healing.
  • Myrrh: Cleaning and clarity
  • Rosemary: Connection with ourselves.
  • Ruda: Protection
  • First choose your intention (healing, energy cleaning, protection, etc)
  • Place the chocolate on a metal or clay incense holder to collect the ashes. (HERE You can see ours)
  • Fill it with a lighter or a candle
  • Join with the smell that gives off and feels your peace. It is your time to relax.
  • Sahumar space, gem or person with smoke.
  • Throw the leftovers to Mother Nature.
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Unique pieces

All our pieces are made with 100% natural minerals selected carefully in order to always offer the highest quality and conserve all its energy properties.